Monday, November 9, 2009

LEGO wall textures

I figured I'd start this blog off with something simple (no idea when I'll get to "complex").

Late one night I was playing with some 2x2 bricks and ended up with some simple "textures", for lack of a better word, basically placing the bricks together in various ways.

Wall #1 (inventive name, huh?):

Sorry for the fuzzy picture.  I just found out that black is NOT a very good color to photograph.  Oh well ... Basically, most of the bricks are only connected to one stud on the brick beneath them.  Makes for a nice stepped look, I think.

Wall #2 "front":

and "back":

In this texture, I think (I really can't remember ...) I placed each brick on one and two studs of the two bricks below.

Wall #3:

For this wall I placed each brick on opposing studs on the bricks below.  Since they are therefore "hinged" in this way, I simply turned them in different directions.  Made for a nice texture.

I liked this one enough that I played just a bit more with it:

I simply rolled the two ends around to meet one another and mated them.  Makes a nice tower of sorts.  The pentagon on the top is exactly mimicked on the bottom, and therefore this cannot be placed directly onto other bricks.

Credit: I did get some impetus for playing like this from Tinkernology's blog (  Very good blog; check it out.

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